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It is relaxing to spend some time in your lawn or courtyard but the exposure to the sun can ruin your mood. Spending a day outdoor in the garden with barbeques fired up to feast on your hunger is an awesome experience. But to add shade and protection to your program, you need outdoor exterior shading solutions to make a big difference.

For those who reside in a hot climate, they must purchase an outdoor sun shade to maintain their room temperature. As window glasses absorb more heat in the summer season, these shade structure bars sunlight to enter. It makes your home cooler and calmer.

For outdoor events ad parties, canopies are essential no matter which season it is. To keep the decoration protected from dust, leaves, and other pollutants, and to keep the area safe from direct sunrays, canopies seem indispensable. At Sun Shade DXB, we offer a wide variety of canopies and shading solutions, of which our canopy rental service is a special one. Apart from quality, the wide variety of canopies makes us one of the market leaders in Dubai, UAE.

The Variety Available With Us

As manufacturers and suppliers of premium grade canopies, we keep our gamut varied in terms of size, shape, and canopy designs. Here are some of the varieties of canopies you will find with us.

  • Commercial canopies
  • Instant pop up canopies
  • Party canopy tents
  • Carport canopies
  • Storage Canopies
Canopy Rental
Sun Shade DXB

What Makes Our Canopies Outstanding

Here are some of the aspects that make our canopies stand apart. As manufacturers and suppliers of premium canopies, we offer shades made of top quality materials.

  • All our canopies are waterproof and allow no chance of seepage.
  • We use heavy steel frames that add strength to the structure of the tents and canopies.
  • We mostly use UV resistant material to manufacture these canopies.
  • Some of our canopies, intended to be permanent fixtures, bear the aluminium frame structures.

UAE #1 Canopy Manufacturer and Suppliers

We keep our range of services par with the requirement of our clients, taking inputs from the years we have spent in the market serving people. So far as premium canopy rental service is concerned, in Dubai, UAE, you will come across a few of our reputation and credibility. Our team of experts always pays a visit to the venue prior to the installation or supply of the canopies you have requested. This offers precision and perfection to our top quality canopies, making each of your events flawless. Feel free to contact us today for pricing details and visit us any time!

Canopy Rental Dubai
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