More and more people switch to sun control and shading devices to conserve energy and make sustainable building designs. Furthermore, some buildings feature the likes of passive solar heating andday lighting as well.These buildings are often reliant on well-engineered sun-control and shading devices- this is where you will meet Sun Shade DXB Fujairah.

Need For Sun Shading

We manufacture, design, and supply sun shading options all over Fujairah and UAE. However, you can still provide sun control and shading with building components.

  • Landscape features such as mature trees
  • Low Shading Coefficient (SC) glass
  • Exterior elements like overhangs
  • Reflecting surfaces called light shelves

As per our industry experience, we have identified a handful of major reasons that compel people to control sunlight,which is entering the building.


You will see that excessive sunlight can often result in high cooling energy consumption, further influenced if the setting accommodates sunny climates. Similarly, excess sunlight in cold temperatures can result in passive solar heating.

While our shading solutions can efficiently work in tandem with clear glass facades, you can choose our best-in-class glazing as well. They come with low shading coefficients (SC), which reduces the need for any shading device. Our excellent sun shading will help you to do external window shading during the winter period. Our sun shading will allow you to prevent unwanted sunlight and heat from entering your office space or home setting.

Our excellent team can help you in shading by natural landscaping or covering, namely awnings, overhangs, and trellises. Further more, we have shading devices thatcan also function as reflectors- light shelves. They perfectly redirect the natural light deep into the building interiors for day lighting.

Key Takeaways

We provide high-quality sun control and shading solutions that can effectively reduce building peak heat gain and cooling requirements. Further more, our sun shade solutions help in improving the natural lighting quality of building interiors. As per our experience, we are proud to share that we can help you reduce cooling energy consumption by 5% to 15% annually if the amount and location of fenestration are favourable.

Finishing Thoughts

We can proudly say that our sun control and shading devices can increase your overall visual comfort. We make sure that both your building exterior and interiors are in perfect conditions by controlling glare and reducing contrast ratios- thereby contributing to increased satisfaction and productivity. If satisfied, please make sure you reach us to check out our wide catalogue of sun shading options.

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